Our mission at Rain Brothers, LLC is to provide innovative, high-quality, ecologically- and socially-conscious products and services to our customers. While we work to provide for a well-balanced, just, and healthy lifestyle for our staff and our families, we also recognize that we have a responsibility to our community and to our environment.  Therefore, we work together with our staff to live within our means and dedicate available resources to doing as much good as we possibly can within our community.

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Rain Brothers, LLC was founded in 2007 in Columbus, Ohio by Zachary "Gordy" Smith and Jonathan Meier -- two good friends who desired to apply their passion for socially- and ecologically-conscious design and construction into a business.  

Starting as a company dedicated to sustainable water solutions, Smith and Meier began focusing primarily on rainwater harvesting systems and stormwater mitigation projects.  After years of business, Rain Brothers, LLC has serviced, literally, thousands of customers across the Ohio Region in small-scale and large-scale systems, and has installed systems for the Ohio Governor's Residence, The Ohio State University, McDonald's Restaurant, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Metro Parks, Franklin County, Mitchell's Ice Cream, Liberty Township, the City of Grove City, the City of Dublin, the City of Columbus, Columbus MRDD Schools, Cleveland Natural History Museum, and many, many more.  

In 2012, Rain Brothers, LLC initiated a new venture: building deconstruction and salvage services.  Working with the City of Columbus and CleanTurn, Rain Brothers began hand-deconstructing homes that were otherwise slated for demolition, salvaging as much building material as possible.  The remaining structures are then demolished by Rain Brothers, the site is cleared and graded, and the reclaimed material brought back to RB headquarters, where is it processed and made into reclaimed products by our subsidiary Reckon Reclaimed.  In 2013 and 2014 alone, CleanTurn and Rain Brothers, LLC inventoried over 12,000 board feet of dimensional lumber, deconstructed 35 homes, and saved over 160 tons of foundation stone -- this in addition to standard recycling practices done by demolition contractors (i.e., concrete, metal, and brick).  

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We at Rain Brothers, LLC realize our limits as a company.  While we truly strive to have our work as a company align with work toward the greater good of our community, we realize that we cannot do it all alone, and we value mastery of trade.  Therefore, we have, over our years in business, developed partnerships with a handful of other companies in Ohio who share in our values and who also strive for mastery of their own respective trade.  We are proud to partner our work with the following companies:

*CleanTurn (specializing in deconstruction services)

*Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC (specializing in green roof design and installation)

*Urban Wild Sustainable Planning & Design (specializing in natural playscapes, stormwater BMP design, rain garden design and installation, and much more)